Mar 6 – Study Group – Greer’s “21 Ways…” – Final Session

Our final study group session using 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card.  If you are new to the MTS, this might not be the best session to join us.  But we’d be happy to speak with you about that.  You can call Carolyn at 413-529-9759.

In April, however, we will welcome all Tarot enthusiasts to a session on Tarot and Astrology with Shivani Baker.  More details coming very soon on that


One response to “Mar 6 – Study Group – Greer’s “21 Ways…” – Final Session

  1. This wonderful explanation of the numbers was posted in a thread at Aeclectic Tarot. I thought it was an excellent follow up to some of the points I heard you make about the numerology behind the Tarot at the March meeting.

    “It is hot in the South, but some say it is Autumn, and nothing is more energetic than to run around a field with a polo stick. You have fire in your belly and you have had a good breakfast, but know you will need more sustenance(element of Vegetation) before the day is through.
    The Marshall holds a huge Polo Stick- no wait a mo! it is made up of 10 Polo sticks. He hands me one and we have the beginnings of a Polo match. Up till now there was just the possibility of the Game but zilch chance of playing it. So I am the first mover.
    I whistle up a mate and now we can alternate with the ball, and depend on each other and have a little balance and a little force. This is not enough to move forward- so we call a third player. Now we have a little more certainty and power and can celebrate the fact we know we are a team; if three can play so can ten . Four players wil make for a solid group and is orderly on the field- we won’t run round in circles moving forward. It feels natural having four- we can each look in a different direction, but still back each other up and be strong like the Earth we are on. A fifth man would be good- he could be in the centre- he might also become the star of the match; he might also cause a little discord with passing the ball. Lets hope he is light on his feet. What is the perfect number for this game? Maybe six? You can have a lot of stategy with six, a lot of patterns of play. The game starts to look beautiful and symetrical. We have more chance now I think- I love this game.
    If we had seven someone could take a break- there is safety in seven. We all know what seven feels like- it is all around us. It feels like if we had eight we could play forever with perfect rhythm. Nine looks powerful, three mini teams of three- now we can play really smart and triple our effort- the angels are on our side. On runs the Marshall to complete the team- he was back at the beginning- remember? He was all the team and yet not- he is the turning point- now all things are possible. We will be the perfect Polo team and will complete our mission and the Law of Polo will be upheld!
    Once I figured out the game of Numbers and how they act in life, TdM no longer was unreadable. ~Rosanne”

    From here:

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