Dec 5 – Study Group – Greer’s “21 Ways…” – Steps 8, 9 & 13

Mass Tarot Society Study Group, Saturday, December 5th fom 1pm to 3pm in Northampton, MA.

To RSVP and get more information call 413 296 0390 or e-mail carolyn (at)

Your homework is to work through these chapters of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card:

  • Step 8:  Metaphor
  • Step 9:  Query & Snapshots
  • Step 13:  Symbols

A member will be facilitating and has the following requests:

  • bring a rider waite style deck (not necessarily the rider waite deck), for december’s meeting.  if anyone has an extra rider waite/rider waite style deck,  i’m looking for a couple in case someone does NOT have one.  if you want to bring your non rider waite style decks, thats fine, but for the activities we’ll be using the rider waite style decks.
  • bring your copy of the 21 WAYS TO READ A TAROT CARD.
  • and lastly, if you want a head start, you can be thinking about metaphors etc., for your working card.

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